Four popular vampire movies of all time by the national film board

Four vampire movies of all tim

Vampire films are originally a horror film genre, where immortal creatures who need someone else’s blood have been featured as the main enemy side to humans. Over time, however, action films, thrillers, westerns, and even comedies appeared, with vampires acting like actors.

The perception of vampires themselves has changed – if earlier they were considered supernatural beings, in a number of modern films the emphasis is placed on the fact that vampires are former people exposed to a particular virus. People love vampire movies because they are cool. Vampires are mythical, horrible, and atrocious characters. There were times when vampires appear in fairytales as beautiful women with a hideous nature but later on, this trend changed as they began to appear in a more horrific look representing raw, the relentless id of the human race.

Vampire movies are popular among all age groups but a recent survey concluded that this genre is becoming trendier for the teenagers. The National Film Board (NFB) of Canada has produced many vampire movies that feature the bloodsucking beasts. Recently, the NFB issued a list of four vampire movies of all time. According to NFB, these four films still gratify the audience hunger for vampire cinema. Let us look at them one by one.

1. Land of the Heads

Land of the Heads

Let us begin the list of NFB with a movie that is certainly not appropriate for kids. Land of the Heads is a horrible story, featuring an unlucky vampire forced by its mentors to go out and wonder at night for the collection heads. The main character of the movie goes out at night and target good-looking people. He kills them, cut their heads, and collect them in a large bag. The reason he is doing this all is that his mentor wishes to swap his hideous face with the attractive one. The movie is full of entertainment, dark humor, and horror, which make it a champion film of the vampire cinema.

2. Batmilk

Batmilk is second on the list issued by the NFB. It is an animated movie based on the story of the mystery of Nosferatu. This short animated film is the fifth installment of the Hothouse series. The story features a moody vampire beast who is given a new powerful brain to start haunting people. He scares people at night and kills them. After killing them, he sucks their blood to nurture his mind, as he is obsessed with brainpower.

3. My Tribe Is My Life – Patrick, the Solitary Goth

My Tribe Is My Life - Patrick, the Solitary Goth

This documentary movie features a person known as Patrick. Patrick suffers from social anxiety. His introvert personality makes him a nervous person. He wants to overcome his shyness and introvert hangover. For this, he finds a relationship in a monster culture. Unlike most traditional vampire movies, this movie is more of a thoughtful study in a horrific way where the main character joins a vampire club to overcome his life frustration by avenging people. Raw and Relatable, Patrick, the Solitary Goth is the part of My Tribe Is My Life Series.

4. Ashes of Doom

Ashes of Doom tells the story of vampires who hunt down people at night for a meal. This movie is produced by the health department, which demonstrated the harmful effects of cigarette smoking. The movie shows that smoking cigarettes are not only harmful to normal people but also for the vampire as they suck blood with a large amount of hazardous material in it. This makes the vampire very unfortunate because their hopes for a food go up in smokes. The movie does not only show the horror but also the dark side of human society.